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Likes:​ lists, the color green, eating breakfast foods at inappropriate times, wearing sensible heels shaped like sneakers, colored pens, the wind, sinning.

Loves: her parents, the year 1994, epidemiology, the musical stylings of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, looking at insensible heels shaped like inanimate objects, Peggy Moffit, Comme Des Garçons.

Assistant Editor at Document Journal | Writer | Wardrobe Stylist | Amateur Blogger


From: Inland Empire, CA

Currently: Brooklyn, NY

Education: BA from NYU Gallatin in Fashion Critical Theory and Creative Writing, Minor in Journalism MA from Columbia University's Film and Media Studies w/ a final thesis paper entitled Faux: The Histrionics of Deepmeaning.

Journo Beats: Fashion history, style phenomena, dress practices, film + TV analysis/reviews, deepfakes.

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