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Maya Kotomori is Your Friendly Neighborhood Freelancer. An Inland Empire-raised desert shawty, Maya holds a BA from NYU Gallatin in fashion critical theory and creative writing, and recently earned her MA from Columbia University's Film and Media Studies program for her paper Faux: The Histrionics of Deepmeaning. The boring stuff - Maya is fluent in Adobe Creative Suite, maintains a wizardly relationship to answering angry emails and phone calls with grace, and finds bliss in writing complicated stories. She is a necessarily heavy-handed journalist, as well as a gentle one - when need be. She specifically places her background in journalism and critical theory applied to fashion and film in several vacuums with intention - there are few things she cannot do. 





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Likes:​ lists, the color green, eating breakfast foods at inappropriate times, sensible heels 

Loves: writing, the year 1994, epidemiology

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